About your host

My name is Nicoletta, I born in Novara (not too far from here) a few years ago, I love to cook, to eat, to receive friends and guest and I am always busy doing something around. I am part of some of the local NGO for the protection of the environment and I support all green activity in the area.I have been leaving and working in Milano for the most of my life and since 2001 I decided to leave the city for the peace of the lake. I spend the first five years living in Orta until I found this beautiful property in Miasino.

The house was first build at the end of 1800,  in 1995 by Ivan and Natasha a magic couple from Ukrain decided to by the house and give a new life to it, and so they did.

In 2012, they decided to move back to Ukrain and put the house to sell, as soon as saw it i fall in love for the location and the magic of the protected court. the old wooden barn had been transformed by Ivan in a beautiful stone shell i decided to arrenge as guesthouse to welcome foreign visitors and share the peace of this angle of paradise